Raffle Ticket Winner

Congratulations to today’s winner of $75, Deb Walters! Thank you for supporting the library.

Raffle Ticket Winner

Congratulations to today’s winner of $75, Ruth Zimmerman! Thank you for supporting the library.

Raffle Ticket Winners

I am so very sorry I didn’t get Friday’s winner posted last week. Here are our winners so far. Congratulations to July 12th winner of $75 Cheri Kaye, July 13th winner of $100 Melanie Martig, July 14th winner of $125 Carol Hiedemen, July 15th winner of $75 Angeline Nosebusch, and today’s winner of $75 Shelly Issensdorf. Thank you all for supporting the library!

Raffle Ticket Winner

Congratulations to today’s winner of $75, Vicki Bartz
Thanks for your support, Vicki.

Graceville Summer Reading Program

Don’t forget that the Graceville summer reading program meets on Wednesdays at 10:30 for all ages at the library. We hope to see you here!

Raffle Ticket Winners

Due to the holidays, our winners’ names have not been announced on time. Congratulations to our 4th of July winner of $225 Deb Walters, July 5th winner of $75 is Lois Dann, July 6th winner of $100 is Robyn Lampert, July 7th winner of $125 is Mary V. Kampmeier, July 8th winner of $75 is Drew Martig, and today’s winner of $75 is Sandy Vold. Thank all of you for supporting the Graceville Library!

Raffle Ticket Winner

Congratulations to today’s raffle ticket winner, Abby Williams! She has won $75. Thank you for your support!

Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our first two winners of the month!
Monday’s winner is Kay Homme, and today’s winner is Connie Drewelow. They each won $75.

Fairy Doors & Circles w/ Debra Dietz

Have you ever wondered about fairies and where they live and what they do? Have you ever wondered if there are different kinds of fairies? Debra Dietz has all the answers and fun stories to share about the many different fairies of the world. Afterward, she will show the kids how to make fairy doors. The kids will each get their own to make. The kids will also get their own bag of fairy furniture to take home to set up a fairy circle, which Debra will explain to them how to do. Each bag contains 2 chairs, a table, a package of marigold seeds, color stones, and 1 Hersey’s Kiss. There are 2 classes in 2 different locations. One is in Clinton and one in Graceville. Clinton’s class will be on Friday, June 28 and Graceville’s class will be on Friday, July 12:2nd-3rd grade at 1:30 and 9-12 years old at 3:00. This class is free and paid for by Legacy. Seating is limited call library to reserve a seat.


For those interested in going to ‘FAIRY DOORS AND CIRCLES W/ DEBRA DIETZ’!
She wants to let the kids know that sign up to come, that if they have any type of fairy clothing, hair pieces or accessories, to please wear them to her class if they’d like. They will feel right at home while engaging in the class.    BELOW IS A WILLOW FAIRY

MN Writes MN Reads

Local authors – indie, self-published, aspiring, and mainstream – can now create ebooks and share them with readers across the state and potentially across the country using free tools provided by Minnesota libraries.

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