Would You Rather Poll Results


OCTOBER’S ‘WOULD YOU RATHER’ poll results are in!
These answers came from both kids and adults. Let’s see how they did…
Would you rather EAT all your Halloween candy or TRADE all your candy for $20? EAT=5 TRADE=8
Would you rather get all CHOCOLATES or CHIPS in your trick-or-treat bag? CHOCOLATE=4 CHIPS=9
Would you rather drink HOT COCOA OR CIDER? COCOA=9 CIDER=4
Would you rather read a spooky BOOK or see a spooky MOVIE?
Would you rather eat APPLE PIE or PUMPKIN PIE? APPLE=7 PUMPKIN=6
Would you rather have FANGS or BAT WINGS? FANGS=6 BAT WINGS=7
I hope you enjoyed ‘Would You Rather’ this past month. I will be doing it again this month and hope to have just as many participate in this fun and silly game. Thanks to all that participated.
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