Our New Sign!


I am hoping most of you have noticed our most amazing, beautiful new sign we have at the library! Unfortunately, I am not a very observant person and didn’t even realize it was there until almost a month had passed. 😕 I went to thank Scott Bauer for thinking the city paid for a new sign. He said it wasn’t the city and he had no idea who it was. I have been asking around and no one seems to know. I would like to thank the person/persons who donated this beautiful sign from the bottom of my heart. I know it is not to me personally, but I am so very happy to see that there is so much care in the community to keep this library alive and functioning. This past year has been difficult for everyone and that includes the library. We are so anxious to get back to some kind of fun programs again and are hopeful they will be sooner than later. Again, I want to thank whoever gave this special gift to the library. 🥰

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