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Graceville Library – Books About the Ocean

Grace the Green Sea Turtle. Rebecca Johnson. E 597.92 JOH

Endangered Sea Life! Bob Burton. J 591.92 END

Clara and Clem Under the Sea. Ethan Long. E LONG

Sea Otters. Arpita Nath. E 599.7695 SEA

Fighting to Survive Being Lost at Sea: Terrifying True Stories. Elizabeth Raum. J 910. 452 RAU

Mother Osprey: Nursery Rhymes for Buoys and Gulls. Lucy Nolan. J 398.8 NOL

Under the Sea. Alastair Smith and Judy Tachell. E 591.77 SMI

The True Book of Animals of the Sea and Shore. Illa Podendorf. J 578.77 POD

Surrounded by Sea: Life on a New England Fishing Island. Gail Gibbons. J 974.1 GIB

The Secret Sea Horse. Debbie Dadey. J DADEY

Hello Lighthouse. Sophie Blackall. E BLACKA

Baby Dolphin’s First Day. Peter and Connie Roop. E 599.53 ROO

Titanic: Disaster at Sea. Philip Wilkinson. J 910.91634 WIL

Horseshoe Crabs Lived with the Dinosaurs! Sarah Machajewski. E 595.4 MAC

Shamu and the Adventurous Seal Pup. Mark Shulman. E SHULMA

Danger in the Deep Blue Sea. Debbie Dadey. J DADEY

Under the Sea Picture Puzzle Book. Kirsteen Robson. B ROBSON

Barbie: A Sea of Friends. Rita Balducci. J BALDUC

Whales: Friendly Dolphins and Mighty Giants of the Sea. Jane Werner Watson. J 599 WAT

Escape From Davy Jones. Jacqueline Ching. E CHING

Sirens and Sea Monsters. Mary Pope Osborne. J OSB

High Sea Adventure. Rita Balducci. J BALDUC

Moby Dick (Comic Book). Lance Stahlberg. J PB STAHLB

The Whale’s Song. Dylan Sheldon. E SHELDO

A Whale of a Tale. Debbie Dadey. J DADEY

Shadows at Predator Reef. Franklin W. Dixon. J PB DIXON

The Mystery of the Pirate Ship. Geronimo Stilton. J STILTO

Paddle-To-The-Sea. Holling Clancy Holling. J PB HOLLIN

Disney’s The Little Mermaid. E DISNEY

Dolphins at Daybreak. Mary Pope Osborne. J PB OSBORN

Ocean Babies. Deborah Lee Rose. J 591.39 ROS

The Usborne Book of the Seas. Jenny Tyler. J 551.46 TYL

Ocean Animal Adaptations. Julie Murphy. J 591.77 MUR

Clark the Shark. Bruce Hale. E PB HALE

There Was an Old Mermaid Who Swallowed a Shark! Lucielle Colandro. E COLAND

Draw Ocean Animals. Doug DuBosque. J 743.6 DUB

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor. Joanna Cole. J 591.92 COL

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