Summer Reading Program – SIGNUP REQUIRED

This year our summer reading program is going to be different than anything we have done in the past. Each week we will have a different Scavenger Hunt. These will be themed. The clues will make you think but still easy enough to find the next one. Once you reach the last one, pick up your certificate, answer the questions, and return to the library in an envelope. Upon review, we will then award you your prize. We currently have seven different scavenger hunts getting prepared. Parents this will be a great time to go along with your child as they “scavenge” for clues. It will also be a learning experience. We will have the clues ready each Wednesday starting June 3rd in Ortonville. Clinton and Graceville will be done on Thursday starting June 4th. The clues will be up from 10 am to 8 pm. You will pick up your clue sheet at the library on Monday or Tuesday in Ortonville. For Clinton, you may pick up in either Ortonville or Graceville. Graceville you may pick up on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Signup is required this year. We need to know how many items to purchase and prizes to get. Signup will start on Monday, April 27th, and go until May 15th. Call the library to give your child’s name and age. You MUST be signed up in order to participate in the prizes. As always if you have questions, please call us at 320-839-2494 or 320-748-7332.

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