A Grandchild/Grandparent Book Signing
At 5:50 pm author Michale will describe how his new book, ‘The First Advent’, became a reality. Following that the author will read several pages from the Advent book.
Then the fun begins! Each grandchild and grandparent team will receive an activity page from the new book. When the author says “go” all paired participants will complete the activity as quickly as possible. The winning team will win a free autographed copy of the new book.
If the grandparent cannot attend, it will be legal to substitute another adult for the missing grandparent. All other interested persons are also welcome to attend the book signing. They will just not be eligible to take part in the contest.
Come and join the fun and go home with a book guaranteed to extend the Christmas holiday celebration another 25 days!

MN Writes MN Reads

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