Start Your Kids Reading Now So They Continue To Read as Teens and Adults

A patron recently brought in an article to me from the Sunday, Sep. 2, Star Tribune, written by Laurie Hertzel titled ‘Dire News About Teens and Reading’.
This article was terrifying, to say the least.
In her search, she “found that 1/3 of all high school students do not read for pleasure. Fewer than 20% of H.S. students read every day. Instead, their free time is eaten up by video games and social media, which are not, as you know really reading, even though words are often involved.”
This information came from professors at San Diego State University that analyzed data from a decade-long survey project through the University of Michigan called ‘Monitoring the Future’. This was done by using the reading habits of 1 million teens during the years 1976 to 2016.
In the 70’s about 60% of H.S. seniors read books, magazines or newspapers daily. In 2016, that number was only about 16%.
And I quote Laurie, “No wonder our publishers and magazines are in trouble.”
“No wonder newspapers and magazines are in trouble.”
“No wonder the world is in trouble.”
What stuck out to me the most about this informative article that she wrote, is this…”My father, an English professor used to say,’An uneducated populace is easier to control.’ Reading makes us smarter. Not reading, I’m afraid, makes us dumber.”
She goes on to tell her story of her love for books and growing up with a professor father and a librarian mother, and of getting books for gifts every birthday and Christmas. She was hooked on reading at a very young age. She is very interested in on how you became hooked on reading and how you encourage your child to put down the phone and pick up the book. She would love to be contacted at or visit her on her facebook page if you would like to share your story.

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